ReCircle Strap Band

ReCircle Strap Band

Golden Circle AS are proud to present ReCircle Strap Band, strapping band made with 30% recycled plastic from maritime industry. Through extensive testing and long development with our partner, Teufelberger, we have finalized the development of ReCircle Strap Band. ReCircle Strap Band is produced with the enviroment in focus, hence it is 100% recyclable, in accord with EU's new demands and fully ISO-certicified. The band is produced with 30% high quality recycled ocean plastic primarily from the norweigan salmon farming industry and secondarily from maritime industries.

ReCircle Strap Band can be delivered in all sizes to fit your needs and we are able to change colour and printing on the band. 

Road Ahead

Golden Circle AS are continually working with our business partners to increase the amount of recycled plastic in ReCircle Strap Band, without reducing the quality of the product. The future goal for Golden Circle is to be able to produce ReCircle Strap Band made from 100% recycled ocean plastic. 

For more information about ReCircle Strap Band, or if you are interested in testing out ReCircle Strap Band for your business, please contact us.

Datasheet for ReCircle Strap Band